The final word

If you or your clients care about being found online, then you need to take the topics discussed here very seriously.

Prepare your sites with these points in mind:

  • Share links with appropriate sites to boost your visibility
  • Prompt search engines to index your sites (but don't rely too much on that)
  • Submit your URL to directories, and
  • Remember not to take shortcuts or try to cheat the system

But, above all, always make sure your content is well written, interesting, and relevant to the people you want to visit your site. Then you'll be found and found again.


The Basics

Setting the right Keywords

Tricks to avoid

Commercial options

The final word

Stay informed

It always helps to keep yourself up to date about these issues - but don't worry about chasing every little algorithm adjustment that Google makes. Life's too short for one thing, and anyway, the whole point is to keep the contents of the search egine indexes accurate and relevant. Make sure you're doing the best you can as honestly as you can, and you'll rank as highly as you deserve.

Reading matter

Don't relax now! It is definitely worth doing further reading on this subject to broaden your understanding. We strongly recommend getting at least one the following books:

Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales

Google Hacks

Google Pocket Guide


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