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The final word on SEO

How to design findable web sites and get ranked with the best

The basics: understanding search engines and spiders

Index or directory?

Setting the right keywords

Using robot protocols to prevent unwanted indexing

Use core HTML tags more efficiently

Optimizing tricks to avoid

Getting dynamic web pages indexed

The problem of unreadable content

The commercial options for SEO

Using htaccess for efficient redirection

The final word on SEO

The final word

If you or your clients care about being found online, then you need to take the topics discussed here very seriously.

There's a lot to take in, certainly, but it is largely just good, plain common sense... combined with a practical understanding of how web pages are built and how search engines work. Prepare your sites with these points in mind:

  • Use logical text formatting controls and always include full alternative content
  • Share links with appropriate sites to boost your visibility
  • Prompt search engines to index your sites (but don't rely too much on that)
  • Submit your URL to directories, and
  • Remember not to take shortcuts or try to cheat the system

But, above all, always make sure your content is well written, interesting, and relevant to the people you want to visit your site. Then you'll be found and found again.

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