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The final word

That's covered Creative Commons for content creators, but it also has an impact on people looking for content to use. Whether the work is photography, illustration, video, audio, or anything else, if it is published with a Creative Commons license you know up front what you can and can't do with it. You don't have to track down the copyright holder to ask permission or, as many of you undoubtedly do, use something anyway and cross your fingers that nothing hits the fan.

It isn't quite as simple as just being able to use something without consideration. For example, if you use a photo that's been published using an Attribution-ShareAlike license in a client's brochure you must remember to include a credit for the copyright holder in an appropriate place in the publication, and you must also license the result using the same kind of license to satisfy the ShareAlike condition. This condition in particular might pose problems for some clients, so be sure to explain it fully to them before committing a job to using such media.

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