Short run digital printing:

If things go wrong

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If things go wrong

If you get your print job back and it isn’t what you expected, stop and review the steps you took from creation to artwork delivery, the instructions that were sent along with that artwork, and any proofing that you may have done.

If the problem came from something you did or failed to do then you can’t reasonably expect the printer to re-run the job at no extra cost. They might still offer a reduced price, certainly if the fault is shared to some degree.

If the problem is the fault of the printer, for example it was printed to the wrong scale, on the wrong media, there are flaws in the print itself, or whatever other thing might have gone wrong, then they should admit liability and re-run the job at no extra cost to you. In the interests of maintaining a good working relationship it may be best not to steam in with angry accusations at the start. Make it clear where the fault lies by all means, but approach the issue in terms of finding the best solution rather than looking for vengeance. It really will pay off in the long term, especially if you plan on doing much short-run printing in the future.

If you’ve suffered financially through a fault of the printer then you may need to examine the contract (if any) that you agreed to when you commissioned the job. Your basic legal rights won’t be affected, but damages can be fairly limited in the case of accidental problems. This is no different to normal print concerns. Bear these things in mind, but do remember that with careful artwork preparation, vigilant proofing, and a good dialog with the printer will normally ensure mistakes remain just a theoretical problem.

Digital printing is no longer the poor relation to traditional repro services. True, it has its weaknesses, but it also has a huge amount to offer that old-fashioned printing just can’t match. With today’s ever-tightening budgets and the constant pressures to find new and better ways to reach your audience, short-run and customised printing is something you can’t afford to ignore.

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