Short run digital printing:


Short run print intro

What is digital print?

Why go digital

Picking the right printer

Preparing artwork

Avoiding problems

If things go wrong

Whatever you do, the odds are that sooner or later you’ll need to produce a modest amount of printed material, and almost certainly in a hurry. Whether it is a marketing brochure, letterheads, reports, posters, or even a wedding reception menu, short-run printing is what you’ll need.

Short-run printing used to mean one of two things. If you went the traditional print route you had serious per-print costs and long lead times, whereas if you went the digital route you got second-rate results. But that’s not all true any more. Old-fashioned litho printing is still expensive and unwieldy for shorter runs, but today’s digital print technologies no longer deliver sub-standard results, and they can give a lot of extra control into the bargain. Yes, you’ll need to learn the foibles of the new processes, but the basic issues are no different to traditional print. With some common sense, the information in this feature, and some feedback from the print companies themselves you’ll be printing just what you need precisely when you need it.

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