Freeway tutorial


What are those actions things you keep mentioning? Actions are Freeway’s equivalent of InDesign plugins or QuarkXPress Xtensions. These add features in various ways, from rollovers and simple animation effects to sophisticated in-page image adjustments, Google map embedding, easy Flash FLV video support, Lightbox image display, integration with external content management systems, and more. Most actions are applied to objects (select something and look in Item > Actions) or pages (look in Page > Page Actions), but you can also add these as complete separate items in the layout (look in Item > Actions).

Action parameters are configured in the Actions palette, found in the Window menu. Freeway comes with a core selection of useful actions, but there are many more that are written by Softpress engineers and Freeway users. These are available from the Softpress site, the site,, and a number of others. These allow Freeway designs to be extended in all sorts of directions, and the vast majority of them are free.