Freeway tutorial


Launch Freeway and click the Templates tab in the New Document window. (Choose File > New if this window doesn’t open automatically.) Pick the Blank template and click OK. Now name your new site and choose where to save it.

What you have now is a new Freeway site document, with one page already set up. One the left side of the window is the Site panel, which shows the pages and folders in your site, and a toolbar runs along the top.

Of the buttons in this tool bar, the most important - for general work at least - are the Selection tool (the arrow, used to select and manipulate objects on the page) and the CSS button (toggles how items are made, more on this later), and the HTML and Graphic buttons, both of which are used to create boxes in the page layout.

At the right-hand end of the tool bar the Inspector button opens and closes the Inspector palette, the command centre of your Freeway life. Pressing and holding this button also shows a few other items, most important of which is Styles & Colors. This is where you manage and select text styles and colours as you work.

Out in the Finder, Freeway has created a complete folder structure for your new site, as long as you followed instructions and created your document from the blank template. Inside this new folder there is (1) the Freeway document itself, (2) a “Site folder” folder, where Freeway will put the HTML files it makes, and (3) a “Media” folder.

The Site folder should normally be left alone. Freeway manages the contents of this folder completely, so the best thing to do is ignore it. The Media folder, on the other hand, is there to encourage you to be tidy; it doesn’t have any magic powers. Put your original graphics and rich media files in there to help you keep track of things. (See Common Mistakes later in this document for reasons why you should always do this.)

Back in Freeway, the top section of the Site panel contains a ‘master page’, something that every page you make is based on. Click on this icon to see the master page. Anything done here will be done to all the regular pages that use this master page.

Add a new page using the Page menu or by dragging a master page down into the main section of the Site panel. Give it a name, click OK, and you’re done, ready to build your new page layout.

Click page icons in this panel to see and work on different pages in your site. Add a folder from the Page menu or the popup menu in the cog icon at the bottom of the Site panel, and drag pages in and out of your new folder.