Freeway tutorial

Rich media and dynamic effects

Adding rich media such as Flash or QuickTime is ridiculously easy: just drag and drop it into your page. Like everything else, Freeway will upload the media for you when you publish and upload your work. (Although if your rich media uses external files, for example a Flash slideshow with external images, then Freeway won’t know about those other items and won’t upload them for you.)

There’s a YouTube ‘action’ for embedding a YouTube video in your page, and other actions allow layered (CSS) objects to be hidden or shown, with transition effects if you like, and even moved around the page. See Actions for details.

QuickTime movies can have the controller visible or hidden, be autoplay or not, and loop or play once (or play back and forth). To scale the movie to fit your box and to set the playback volume you’ll need to apply the QuickTime Extras action; select the movie in the page and choose Item > Actions > QuickTime Extras, then look in the Actions palette window.

Flash (SWF) movies can have embedded links managed by Freeway so that they are rewritten to point at any of your document’s pages; this means a Flash navigation system can be integrated easily and won’t need to be rewritten if you change your site structure around.