How to Search Better:
the Search Secrets pages, Google et al

As Emerson said, ‘if you seek you shall find’. But that’s only if you do it right.

We’ve all used web search engines, but how many of us know how to get the most from them? And do you always use Google, or do you turn to other search engines as well, perhaps when searching for very specific kinds of results? Let me show you how to get more from your searches.

Google has been the king of search engines for some time. It has its challengers, for example Microsoft’s MSN Search, but it remains clearly at the top for mainstream searching. It has a surprisingly wide range of options and tricks, too, which is why it features so heavily in this article, but many of our tips apply equally to many other search engines as well.

Use the following information and see what more you can find out about the search services that you use, whether they are global, mainstream affairs or dedicated, site-specific features. Try the different techniques and see how they work. I can’t really guarantee that you’ll always find what you seek, but when you really put search engines to work you really can improve the odds.

Once you’ve seen the power and flexibility that search engines have to offer you can go out and search with confidence and finesse.

If it is out there you should be able to track it down with a few well-crafted search terms. Just remember to consider what you’re looking for, what sort of key words and phrases might be on those pages, and which search engines would be the best place to start.

How to Search Better

What are you looking for?

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